The Virginia Community Care Hub
The Virginia Community Care Hub
Kathy Vesley

Welcome to The Virginia Community Care Hub

Collaborative learning for developing networks and partnerships

About the Collaborative

The purpose of the Virginia CIHN Collaborative is to engage Virginia stakeholders in learning and sharing effective strategies for developing community integrated health networks. The guiding assumption is that community networks may vary in their focus and scale, but all can benefit from sharing operating models and standards for creating networks that are effective, sustainable, and scalable. The shared product of the Collaborative will include a strategic blueprint and toolkit for building CIHN models that can work at the community, regional, and statewide level.

Collaborative Activities

The Collaborative operates with a focus on shared learning. Collaborative participants will be invited to join one or more groups focused on network-building topics such as coordinating structures, financing, service models, and software interoperability. Each group will meet periodically to review promising practice models and share insights, ideas, and needs for network building. The resulting knowledge, models and tools will be captured and shared back with all collaborative members so that everyone can benefit from the work of each group.

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